Vegetarian Fajita Pasta

This Vegetarian Fajita Pasta is an amazing entirely vegan and gluten free Mexican inspired dish. Made with a creamy and spicy Enchilada sauce, and full of fresh vegetables. Comfort food that you can easily customize to your taste.

Vegetarian Fajita Pasta

Mexican food is always at the center to my heart. I can never get enough of it. It’s something that happens at least 3 times a week at my home.

Dishes like this Mexican Street Corn Potato Casserole or the Healthy Mexican Cheese Rice are always the way to go and plus these are you can make ahead. Perfect for work, potlucks or get togethers.

With this new Vegetarian Fajita Pasta we are having a real time saver on our hands. Food for every day to make in advance for a stress free week.

Probably you are not into fast food from courts, and I think this collection about 10 Best Easy Vegan Work Lunch Recipes is perfect for you.

Vegetarian Fajita Pasta

I came up with idea for this Vegetarian Fajita Pasta, simply when I was looking for something quick and easy that I can whip up in no time. Ideally with ingredients that I found in my pantry.

So this is a recipe I had no intention to publish, but it turned out so amazing that you shouldn’t miss that.

Have a look at your pantry and be ready for a cooking adventure with this Vegetarian Fajita Pasta. It’s creamy, spicy, warming, satisfying, flavorful, mouthwatering, customizable, made for relaxed weeknight dinners, fun times in the kitchen, shareable,  super easy, nourishing and a must make not only for all pasta lovers.

How to make this Mexican inspired Vegetarian Fajita Pasta

Start with frying the garlic with your favorite oil. If you want to go for oil free cooking, simply use vegetable broth. If you decide to use the chopped onions now is the time to add them.

Together, it will take 4 minutes until all is slightly golden and brown. You will recognize a delicious smell in your kitchen.

Vegetarian Fajita Pasta

Next and last add all the other ingredients (Enchilada sauce, Taco seasoning, bell pepper and your optional choices) to that pot. After 5 minutes add the cooked pasta and cook for 4 minutes more. Divide into bowls or plates, and serve with avocado slices on top.

This makes an amazing dairy free alternative to regular Mexican dishes, plus it’s done in no time. Isn’t that super easy?

Honestly for real you don’t need any cooking skills or must be an expert cook to make this. You can do it, it’s a dish made from simple ingredients in a pantry.

So that means probably you won’t need to go shopping for ingredients. The whole dish come together from 6 ingredients and done in 2 easy steps.

It’s a basic recipe and from there you can add some listed extras which are not needed, but of course delicious.

Easy Work Lunch

When you can make it ahead, the flavors will turn out amazing the other day. So it’s fuss free meal planing, a route we’re going together.

If you make this in advance be sure to add the avocado if using just before you’re going to eat. It should be fresh. Otherwise the avocado will brown and can’t keep fresh on your plate.

Vegetarian Fajita Pasta

One word about the Taco Seasoning mix. I used my own homemade version, which I tested a lot. It is just the right flavor amount. But if you need it a bit or less flavorful feel free to adjust.

The Vegetarian Fajita Pasta makes an insanely delicious entirely plant based dinner, or lunch. It’s even great for date night. Who doesn’t love Mexican food? Yes we all in.

When you serve this to your favorite person, you will be the star of the show. It’s a dish also for all people that don’t feel on a cooking adventure.

Or maybe you’re the person that is really in love with delivery services.

Friends it’s the way to go. Plus it tastes so much better, nothing beats homemade. If you ever try this you will know what I mean.

Vegetarian Fajita Pasta

Going back to the roots with this Vegetarian Fajita Pasta

Let’s have a fun talk about fajitas. They are traditionally made with meat, no surprise. Frequently it’s beef from time to time people will use pork, chicken, or shrimps.

Served with a wheat tortilla, guacamole, sour cream and some cheese. That’s nothing close to vegan and gluten free. What you can see is the most important ingredient in all these variations is the protein component.

A must make which you can find in this Vegetarian Fajita Pasta by adding black beans. Put even more protein in and optionally add corn.

So here we have 2 great protein resources, super easy and delicious.

I can happily confirm while the black beans are so filling, there is absolutely no need for meat. This is the way to go if you’re a looking to incorporate some more veggies in your nutrition.

It’s easy and fun and seriously good food.

Vegetarian Fajita Pasta

If you give this a try, let me know how do you like it. Love seeing all your creations, just give me a tag, say hello on Instagram and Facebook.

Take a picture, share the fun, cheers Florian.


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