Strawberry Lemonade with Lavender

This Strawberry Lemonade with Lavender uses strawberries, lavender simple syrup, and lemons to make the perfect summer drink.  For a delicious summer cocktail, add bourbon, gin, or vodka.

Strawberry Lemonade with Lavender

The husband has a favorite drink– he loves to bring home pre-made, organic strawberry lemonade.  And I love to try and make a homemade version that’s better than the store-bought kind.

It’s a little game I play.

This Strawberry Lemonade with lavender is refreshing, delicious, and best of all– it’s easy!

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

What exactly is in most powdered strawberry lemonade?  You know– the strawberry lemonade that you grew up drinking.  The kind you got from the soda machine at McDonald’s.

I’m not 100% sure– and I’ll try to avoid crushing childhood memories here— but I’m pretty sure that the strawberry lemonade I drank as a child contained zero strawberries.  Zero.

This strawberry lemonade is different.  This strawberry lemonade uses real lemons, and real strawberries.

And guys– it’s SO GOOD.  And EASY.

Can I Skip the Lavender?

Definitely.  If you don’t like lavender, don’t have lavender, or just want to taste it without the lavender– simply leave the lavender out of the simple syrup.

Quick Tip: The recipe tells you to simmer the lavender in the sugar water for several minutes.  If you skip the lavender, you can skip that step too.  Simply heat the sugar until it dissolves into the water.

Strawberry Lemonade with Lavender

Can I Use Limes Instead and Make Strawberry Limeade?

Yes! Go for it!  Limeade is delicious too!

Making Hard Strawberry Lemonade

In case you’re wondering– Yes! This is delicious as hard lemonade.  It blends well with bourbon, gin, or vodka, and the liquor can either be stirred into the whole batch, or added glass by glass for those who want it.

Drink this Strawberry Lavender Lemonade on its own or as a cocktail, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Strawberry Lemonade with Lavender

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