Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Have you heard the breaking news?  There’s a new Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe on the can label, and it’s the first change to America’s favorite pie in 75 years! ~ today I made Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ pumpkin pie, and this is how it went 😉

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This breaking Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe is so new you might not even have the latest version on your can of pumpkin, so I’ll share it below, along with my review…

I bet Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe from the can label has been the go-to Thanksgiving dessert for most of you reading this post right now.  Unless you have a super creative chef in the family most of us fall back on the this classic because, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?  Well, Libby’s has released pumpkin pie 2.0, with the first changes to the beloved recipe in generations.  Luckily this traditional from scratch pie is still as easy as ever.

Spoiler alert: I loved it, and I’m not even a pumpkin pie person!

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

What’s ‘new’ about Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ pie recipe?

  • The most interesting change to me is that there is no added granulated sugar in the new recipe.  The old recipe listed 3/4 cup sugar, so that’s quite a difference.
  • The other change is that the updated recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk in addition to the traditional evaporated milk.
  • And finally, the new recipe specifies a shorter cooking time by 10 minutes.

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

It’s funny that this is the first pumpkin pie recipe on the blog, even though I adore pumpkin and have about a gazillion pumpkin recipes in the archives.  I’m glad I started out with the classic, but this one has got me inspired to try more variations.

Can you make this pumpkin pie ahead?

  • Yes, that’s just what I did.
  • Make the dough for the crust and fit it into your pie pan.  Wrap and refrigerate.
  • Make the filling separately, cover, and refrigerate.
  • You can do this up to 2 days ahead, then fill and bake on the day you want to enjoy it.

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Can I use a ready-made or frozen pie crust?

Of course!  Because the Libby’s pie is so easy, I figured I had to save face and make my own crust, but you can totally use a frozen or refrigerated crust from the supermarket.  Be aware that Libby’s specifies a deep dish to accommodate the amount of filling.

If you use a frozen crust, don’t thaw it, use it straight from frozen.

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

How long to cook pumpkin pie?

  • The short answer is: quite a while.  Pumpkin pie filling is very thin, and if you’re using a deep dish pie, it can take over an hour to fully set.
  • Ovens aren’t always accurate, so be sure to invest in an inexpensive oven thermometer for the baking season.
  • Finally, don’t be a slave to the recipe directions…if your pie is still wiggling and jiggling after the specified time, keep baking.  Ovens and pie plates vary greatly.
  • I had to bake the Libby’s pie a little longer than the recipe called for, but it turned out great.

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

How can I check my pie without sticking a knife in it?

I hate the idea of poking into my perfect creamy pie, especially when I’m going to be serving to guests, so here are a few alternative methods for checking for doneness…

  • The color will be darker, the pie will be slightly puffed, and the edges will look set.  The crust will be golden.
  • Gently shake the pie, the sides should be set, and the center can have a slight wobble but no jiggly waves of batter.
  • Remember the pie will continue to set up as it cools.
  • When in doubt, let it cook a little longer, and cover with foil if the crust is browning too much.  I cooked mine just until the center did not wobble, and it turned out perfect.

How long to let pumpkin pie cool before serving

  • Give your pie at least 2 hours.  The custard will continue to set as it cools, and your pie will slice more neatly.
  • That being said, there’s no shame in digging in while it’s still warm.

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Can pumpkin pie be left out on the counter overnight?

  • No, the FDA recommends leaving a pumpkin pie at room temperature no longer than 2 hours.
  • Refrigerate your cooled pie if you won’t be eating it within 2 hours after cooling.
  • Do NOT refrigerate a warm pie, you’ll get condensation on the surface.

Can I freeze pumpkin pie?

  • Libby’s does not recommend freezing this pie because they say the crust will separate from the filling, however most sources agree that pumpkin pies freeze beautifully, and I have done so with success.
  • Let your pie cool until completely room temperature.  Wrap in several layers of plastic wrap, and then wrap again in foil.
  • Plan on using your frozen pie within a month for best texture.
  • To thaw: remove pie to refrigerator overnight.  Then bring to room temperature on the counter, and finally, unwrap.

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Conclusion: what’s the word on the new Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe?

  • Love it!  I think they actually succeeded in making this classic pie even better.
  • The filling is generous, which I appreciate, I loathe a thin, flat pumpkin pie.
  • The spicing is subtle, not overly ‘pumpkin spiced’, which is another plus.
  • The pie has just the right balance of sweetness even without the original 3/4 cup sugar, and I think the pumpkin flavor is allowed to shine.  The sweetened condensed milk does the trick without overdoing.
  • My only beef is that my pie took considerably longer to set.  I’m a little confused as to why they lowered the baking time with this new recipe…generally when you reduce sugar a pie will take longer to bake.
  • I suggest using a foil collar for the edges of the crust or at the very least covering loosely with foil toward the second half of the cooking.
  • Some of you regular readers might recall me mentioning how I don’t generally like pumpkin pie… but this recipe has changed my mind…I feel like the filling tastes lighter and definitely creamier than anything I remember ~ I’m a new fan!

*This is not sponsored, and I’m not affiliated with Libby’s in any way, but the pie is super yummy 🙂

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Review of Libby’s ‘New Fashioned’ Pumpkin Pie Recipe

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