Instant Pot Mexican Casserole | Vegetarian Casserole

Whether you call this recipe, Instant Pot Mexican Casserole, Mexican Lasagna Or Instant Pot enchiladas, this is super delicious, filling and easy to make. This instant Pot Mexican Recipe will have your family, especially your kids, raving and coming back for more!

Instant Pot Mexican Casserole | Vegetarian Casserole

Cinco De Mayo is tomorrow. My son asked me to make some Mexican Dishes. I am planning to make Roasted Corn Guacamole, Homemade Salsa, Green Mexican Casserole, Mexican rice on top of this Instant Pot Mexican Casserole.

My family is a Mexican food lover. I know I have told you guys this many times. 🙂 In fact, when we came to the US in 2010, the first food that we love to eat besides Indian was Mexican. And it’s still our favorites.

This Mexican casserole is a delicious vegetarian casserole, can be made gluten-free with corn tortilla instead of flour tortilla and it’s loaded with lots of veggies and homemade refried beans.

This recipe is totally fuss-free and is a great option for entertaining.

This Instant Pot casserole recipe is

  • an easy, one-pot meal
  • great for weeknight dinner,
  • can be made gluten-free
  • can be made Vegan by using vegan cheese.

Instant Pot Mexican Casserole | Vegetarian Casserole

Table of Contents

How to make Instant Pot Mexican Casserole/Mexican Lasagna?

The ingredients you need to make Instant Pot casserole are –

Your choice of vegetables

I have used carrots, red and green bell pepper, onions and corn. But you may use veggies of your choice.

Refried beans

I have added Homemade refried beans as my protein in this casserole. But you may use black beans too.


You may use any tortilla, corn, whole wheat or all-purpose flour. Today, for this recipe I have used Regular tortilla.

Enchilada Sauce

I love to use my homemade enchilada sauce whenever I make Mexican dishes like Enchilada, Enchilada sliders or smothered burrito. You may use store-bought enchilada sauce too.




Use your choice of cheese. Our personal favorite cheese, especially when we are making Mexican dish, is Colby Jack cheese.

That’s all we need to make this heavenly scrumptious vegetarian casserole recipe.

Instant Pot Mexican Casserole | Vegetarian Casserole

Now let me show you step by step process of making Instant Pot Casserole.

First, Heat the oil in Instant Pot.

Then add onion, saute for a minute and add all the vegetables.

Now add salt and saute them for about 3 minutes or until tender, stirring occasionally. I didn’t use any other seasonings as my refried beans were seasoned well. If your refried beans are not seasoned, use 2 tsp taco seasoning, 1 tsp red chili powder, and 1 tsp cumin powder.

Turn off the IP. Let the mixture cools down.

Meanwhile, cut the tortilla so it fits in our 6×6 inch springform pan perfectly.

Everything is ready. Now comes the layering part.

So the layers go like so, Tortillas, refried beans, sauteed veggies, enchilada sauce and cheese, and repeat 2 more times. then at last cover layering with one more tortilla, pour some sauce and sprinkle some more cheese.

Your pan will get pretty full so I recommend you to use a tall springform pan.

If you don’t have tall pan, layer only 2 times instead of 3 times.

Now cover your springform pan from bottom and top with aluminum foil.

Create a foil sling by folding a long piece of foil in lengthwise. Refer a video down below for a better idea. Place the cheesecake pan in the center of the sling with top and bottom covered with foil

Add a cup of water and trivet in instant pot.

Place enchilada casserole pan in instant pot. Cover the IP, set the vent valve to sealing position, press manual button and set it for 12 minutes under high pressure. Let the pressure release naturally.

Open Instant pot, Carefully take out the pan and remove the foil.

Let the pan cools down for about 15 to 20 minutes before opening the springform pan. This is a VERY important step. Otherwise, if you open the pan immediately, the food will collapse and won’t come out neat.

Once it is cool down, Carefully open the pan.

Slice them, take them onto a plate, top with your favorite toppings like Guac, sour cream, Jalapenos, Cilantro, some olives, etc. and DEVOUR.

Look at this picture. Don’t you just feel like dive right now into this piece of heaven? Let me pass you the big spoon! 🙂

Instant Pot Mexican Casserole | Vegetarian Casserole

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