How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs

Let’s make some popular KPOP snacks – Korean sauna style eggs!

How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs

Have you ever wondered how to make brown eggs that are often seen in many Korean dramas and movies? They are typically featured at the Korean sauna/spa (Jjimjilbang, 찜질방) scene like the below picture. 
How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs

 (Korean actor – Park Si Hoo eating Jjimjilbang eggs in the Korean drama “Queen of Reversals (2010)”, original source: MBC, photo edited by

I mentioned about these special eggs in my “Eggs Baked on Elvan Stone” post and it was quite interesting to see how many people actually wanted to make them at home.

A couple of readers commented on the post saying that you can make them in 70 mins using a high pressure rice cooker while others are saying 3 hours in a crock pot can do the trick. So it is possible to make Korean sauna style eggs in your own home!

I found that very fascinating, so off I went researching on a Korean version of google, naver, and found that most Koreans use their rice cooker in making them.

How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs

(Me, holding the 50 mins pressure steamed eggs, no colouring is used on the eggs!)

Have a look at my egg! Isn’t it pretty? It’s super soft and it has a nutty taste. I absolutely loved the outcome and it was so easy to make as well. (All the hard work was done by my rice cooker!)

So here comes my recipe! I hope you enjoy experiencing KPOP culture in your own home! 😉

Ingredients for Korean Sauna Style Eggs (Makes 6)

  • 6 large eggs (approx. 400g/14 ounces total)
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/2 tsp fine sea salt

How to Make Korean Sauna Eggs in Rice Cooker

1.Eggs need to be kept at room temperature for at least 2 hours. Otherwise, apparently, they crack badly while cooking. To fast track the process, I kept the eggs in warm water initially and left them there for 2 hours.

How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs

2. After two hours, move the eggs into the rice cooker then dissolve the salt (1/2 tsp) in the water (3/4 cup) and pour it onto the eggs. Cook it for 50 mins in a rice cooker. (I used the multi steam function where I can set the timer). Serve.

How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs
How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs


  • The egg is very hot once cooked, so use caution when taking them out and peeling the shell.
  • If you don’t have a “high tech” Korean rice cooker or a programmable pressure cooker, you can try making this with a slow cooker (but the result is far better when you use a rice cooker.)

On a side note, I also boiled some eggs in a saucepan. Look at the colour contrast! Amazing, hey? My sister was very impressed with my home cooked Korean sauna style eggs. She keeps asking me what’s the secret but I said she needs to find out from my blog. 🙂 She told me that they tasted very similar to the ones you can eat at a Jjimjilbang. What a nice compliment!

How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs

(Normal hard boiled egg vs. Korean sauna style egg)

How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs

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