Healthy + Simple Vegan Breakfast Pizza (gluten-free)

Simple Vegan Breakfast Pizza made with just a few delicious savory ingredients! Healthy + Simple Vegan Breakfast Pizza (gluten-free)

There are days that I eat breakfast 3x in one day. I am a breakfast food fanatic. It is by far my favorite category of food. Pancakes, waffles, breakfast tacos and my recent go-to is this healthy and simple Vegan Breakfast Pizza!

I have been making this for lunch during the week since a) it is an excuse to turn my oven on in the freezing temps we have here in Hoboken and b) I feel fancy af having a gorgeous pizza like this in the middle of the day. Except this fancy pizza only takes a few minutes to whip up.

The combination of almond milk cream cheese, roasted veggies, spinach, avocado and my favorite sweet potato hash browns from Dr. Praeger’s. Jord and I are obsessed with these Sweet Potato Hash Browns. They are a staple in our freezer and such an easy go-to to add to your favorite breakfast meal or really anything for that matter. I made an epic breakfast sandwich last week and threw one of these hash browns on there and it tasted like something you’d get at a bagel shop. It was SO GOOD. Still dreaming of it.

Dr. Praeger’s makes a variety of products to keep on hand like veggie burgers, veggie cakes and more. The hash browns line are definitely our favorite but everything is delish. We use them in our Breakfast Taco Bowls too!

For this pizza you can use any crust of your choice. I have made it with a grain-based crust as well as cauliflower pizza crust. Both so good. You can also use a tortilla as the base if you don’t have any crusts on hand.


Dr. Praeger’s Sweet Potato Hashbrowns

Pizza crust of your choice (I love this one)



Roasted veggies

Almond milk cream cheese (or your preferred cream cheese)

Healthy + Simple Vegan Breakfast Pizza (gluten-free)Healthy + Simple Vegan Breakfast Pizza (gluten-free)


xx, Rach

Thank you Dr Praeger’s for sponsoring this post. It means so much to me to work with brands that I love and who support rachLmansfield!

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