Fluffy & Soft Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven Baked Pancakes)

Soft, light, fluffy and delicious pancakes in a fraction of the time and effort as regular pancakes? These really are the BEST Sheet Pan Pancakes ever, and they are easy and PERFECT for when you’re serving for a crowd, or you simply don’t want to stand around in your kitchen all morning making pancakes! 🙂

Make your weekend mornings even lazier with these Sheet Pan Pancakes!

Fluffy & Soft Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven Baked Pancakes)

Why Sheet Pan Pancakes?

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a recipe for homemade pancake mix that made deliciously light and fluffy pancakes from scratch. It goes without saying that having your own DIY pancake mix makes it so much easier to whip up some pancakes whenever you fancy. But I love pancakes so much, I wanted to make the process even easier. Enter, Sheet Pan Pancakes! 🙂

I made these oven baked pancakes using my own pancake mix from that previous post, BUT if you haven’t made (or don’t want to make) the homemade pancake mix, I have included the recipe for how to make one batch of these sheet pan pancakes here as well.

Fluffy & Soft Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven Baked Pancakes)

I tested out some pancake recipes that are available on the internet to “stack them up” against my own, and I found that most of them call for the pancakes to be baked at 350°F for about 15 minutes. The resulted in pancakes that did brown at the top and bottom, but also became a little dry and not as soft and fluffy as I wanted them to be.

Fluffy & Soft Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven Baked Pancakes)
Fluffy & Soft Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven Baked Pancakes)

What makes pancakes so awesome is that when you cook them on a hot griddle, you get that rapid rise from that batter making your pancakes really fluffy and light. The griddle is also responsible for caramelizing the surface, so that you get a nice, browned surface on your pancakes. But with oven-baked pancakes you have to pick an optimum of either super light and fluffy texture, or browned, caramelized surface. I decided to optimize the fluffy, soft texture, which in my opinion is more crucial to the overall flavor of pancakes. I have tested out this recipe several times, and as a result I confidently know these really are the BEST oven baked sheet pan pancakes ever!

Fluffy & Soft Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven Baked Pancakes)

So how are these sheet pan pancakes (oven baked pancakes) different from other recipes?

  • The batter for these sheet pan pancakes uses extra cornstarch making it lighter in texture.
  • The sheet pan is generously buttered to add more flavor as the pancakes are baked.
  • The pancakes are baked in a hotter oven, so that the baking powder will react rapidly and rise faster. This results in fluffier pancakes. Plus the pancakes cook faster.
  • As an additional step, I brush the surface of the pancakes with melted butter and broil for about 1 – 2 minutes to slightly brown the surface. I stop before the surface gets too brown, because that would create a crusty skin on top (bleh!)
  • Picky family members? Can’t decide between chocolate chip pancakes and blueberry pancakes? Just sprinkle one half of the tray with chocolate chips and the other half with blueberries. DONE.

The result will be beautifully soft, fluffy, delicious sheet pan pancakes! I’d be lying if I said that these sheet pan pancakes are just as good as regular homemade pancakes, simply because the results you get with a griddle vs. oven baked are not the same. However, I can confidently say that these are the BEST oven baked sheet pan pancakes you could find on the internet!

Fluffy & Soft Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven Baked Pancakes)

Sheet pan pancakes are a better alternative to griddle cooked pancakes,

  • When you want to make pancakes for a crowd. These sheet pan pancakes can be cut into squares and served for 4 – 6 people at once. Also, you can also make two trays at the same time, and then quickly broil each one just before serving.
  • When you just don’t want to stand around in your kitchen making dozens of pancakes for everyone else, while you end up with the last few pancakes made from the last of the pancake batter.
  • When you’d much rather eat warm pancakes together as a family! No more waiting for the whole batch to be cooked (while the older pancakes are drying out in the oven while being kept warm).

Fluffy & Soft Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven Baked Pancakes)

How to personalize this recipe with different recipes

I’m sure just like with my family, your family prefers their pancake with different flavors or toppings right? Well, these oven baked pancakes are PERFECT for that!

These additions can be added BEFORE baking the pancakes

  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Sprinkle chocolate chips on top
  • Blueberry Pancakes – Sprinkle blueberries on top
  • Strawberry pancakes – Sprinkle some sliced strawberries on top
  • Cheesecake pancakes – Dollop small amounts of spreadable cream cheese and fruits on top
  • Pecan pancakes – Sprinkled chopped and toasted pecans on top.
  • Bacon Pancakes – Sprinkle cooked & chopped bacon on top

Another way to make more flavors is to combine toppings,

  • Chocolate Pecan pancakes
  • Mixed berry  pancakes
  • Chocolate & strawberry (or raspberry) pancakes
  • Bacon Banana pancakes

I love eating chocolate chip pancakes. However, K likes regular pancakes, but served with berries on top and a generous helping of maple syrup. These sheet pan pancakes are a fantastic way to get your fill of light and fluffy pancakes. BUT it’s made with a fraction of the effort and time as with regular pancakes!

Fluffy & Soft Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven Baked Pancakes)

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