Dining Guide | Take-Home Holiday Desserts to Pick Up in Scottsdale

When it comes to holiday hosting, there are a lot of particulars to think about, and more  often than not, it is the sweetest part of a meal, dessert, that ends up being an afterthought. Cut back on your hours spent in the kitchen and allow one of these local restaurants to do the scrumptious bake work for you with their take-home holiday desserts. Whether you’re playing host or need to arrive to a soiree in sweet, sweet style, you can simply pre-order your joyous treats, pick them up, and be on your merry way. And should you decide to pass the pie off as your own, we promise we won’t tell!

Take-Home Holiday Desserts to Pick Up in Scottsdale

Arcadia Farms Cafe

Holiday Dessert| Sometimes you need something on the dessert table that isn’t a pie. Arcadia Farms Café has a white chocolate peppermint cake that will blow any ol’ pumpkin pie out of the water. Cake might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to merry treats, but this decadent white chocolate cake is beautifully presented, and the hint of cool peppermint will put you right in the holiday spirit!
Price | $45
Timeline | Call ahead with 48-72 hours’ notice
Info | 480.941.5665


Dining Guide | Take-Home Holiday Desserts to Pick Up in ScottsdaleHoliday Desserts| If you are looking for a range of delectable options, Benedict’s has almost everything you could possibly want. They will be offering flourless chocolate cake, cinnamon almond coffee cake, pecan hazelnut pie, classic cherry pie, caramel apple pie, pumpkin chai pie, sea salt dark chocolate cookies and a variety of scones flavors. Whether you’re looking for a hostess gift or an indulgent addition to the dessert table at your next gathering, Benedict’s has what you need in bountiful supply.
Price | Pies, $24; cakes, $23; one dozen cookies, $24; one dozen scones, $30
Timeline | Call ahead with 72 hours’ notice
Info | 602.992.3337

Citizen Public House

Dining Guide | Take-Home Holiday Desserts to Pick Up in ScottsdaleHoliday Dessert| For something quite unique and extra delicious, check out Citizen Public House’s bacon brittle, a signature creation courtesy of Tracy Dempsey. The sweet and savory combo has a touch of smokiness to it and the texture is far airier than most brittles. This is the perfect accouterments to your treats table ­– or a tasty party favor for your guests!
Price | $10 per bag
Timeline | Readily available but if purchasing in bulk, call ahead
Info | 480.398.4208

Local Bistro

Dining Guide | Take-Home Holiday Desserts to Pick Up in ScottsdaleHoliday Desserts| If you’re entertaining a group of chocolate lovers (and who isn’t, really?) they may be fighting over Local Bistro’s chocolate walnut torte. This gourmet confection is comprised of layer after layer of flourless chocolate cake, made complete with a light and fluffy whipped cream. Salted caramel gelato puts this dreamy dessert over the top! Local Bistro also has a semi-traditional tiramisu – espresso-soaked lady fingers paired with a sugary and creamy marsala mousse.
Price | Tiramisu, $40; Chocolate Walnut Torte, $50
Timeline | Call ahead with three to four days’ notice
Info | 480.302.6050

LON’s at the Hermosa Inn

Dining Guide | Take-Home Holiday Desserts to Pick Up in ScottsdaleHoliday Dessert| LON’s is well-known for their incredible menu and dessert fans rave about their Cowboy Candy Bar. This sweetened treat is a fusion of spicy chocolate, thanks to the addition of a chili-spiced ganache, laced with almonds and feuilletine, crisp flakes that have a caramelized praline flavor. A thick caramel sauce adds the finishing touch. For the holidays, you can purchase the Cowboy Candy Bar in boxes of three. Yee haw!
Price | $24 for a box of three
Timeline | Call ahead with 24 hours’ notice
Info | 602.955.7878


Dining Guide | Take-Home Holiday Desserts to Pick Up in ScottsdaleHoliday Desserts| For a confectionary seasonal gift, or perhaps a finishing touch on your dessert table, select from a variety of treats at the Four Seasons Scottsdale’s retro eatery, Proof. You’ll find items like carrot cake and cran-apple jams, spicy maple Arizona pecans, chocolate honey-glazed almonds, chipotle caramel corn and assorted holiday cookies – all crafted in-house. Cookie flavors include gingerbread crinkle, cranberry pistachio shortbread, chocolate mint biscotti and orange almond spritz – yum!
Price | Box of cookies (two dozen), $33; jams, $11 each or $19 for both; pecans, $19; almonds, $19; caramel corn, $11
Timeline | Readily available
Info | 480.513.5085,

Roaring Fork

Dining Guide | Take-Home Holiday Desserts to Pick Up in ScottsdaleHoliday Dessert| Can’t decide between chocolate and pecan pie? Roaring Fork understands the struggle, and that is why they are offering their warm pecan pie for holiday revelers this season. The pie is a delicious combination of chocolate and toffee all incorporated into a pecan pie filling. The crisp, buttery crust is perfectly flaky all while holding the rich pie together. This pie is a little slice of holiday spirit on a plate!
Price | $48
Timeline | Call ahead with at least 24 hours’ notice
Info | 480.947.0795,

Twisted Grove Parlor + Bar

Dining Guide | Take-Home Holiday Desserts to Pick Up in ScottsdaleHoliday Dessert| Twisted Grove Parlor + Bar will offer pre-orders of their full-size butterscotch pecan pie. Made completely in-house, the graham cracker crust is generously filled with butterscotch custard filling and candied pecans, then caramel and topped with whipped cream and crushed pecans for a candied crunch.
Price | $20 per pie
Timeline | Readily available but suggested to call ahead
Info | 480.699.0811

Whether you are looking to bail on baking this holiday season or you need to bring something to a function, these holiday desserts that you can pick up and take away in Scottsdale will definitely impress!

This article, written by Taryn Jeffries, originally appeared in the December 2016 issue of So Scottsdale Magazine.

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