Crock Pot Pizza Casserole

An amazingly easy crock pot pizza casserole to please the entire family. Pizza night has never been so simple. Just follow the easy step by step photo instructions.
Crock Pot Pizza Casserole

Editor’s Note: Originally Published December 26, 2013. Refreshed with expanded detailed discussion and updated photos.

I love pizza and almost lived on it for years before marriage. So a crock pot pizza casserole is a natural for me.

I read a lot of recipes for this recipe.  There were lots of precooking of the pasta going on. Let’s see, precook and 4-5 hours in a slow cooker will make Ummm …. mush.

My Rating

Crock Pot Pizza CasseroleIt is a high 4 for us pizza lovers. But can’t be a five just because there is no crust.

Pro Tips: Recipe Notes for Crock Pot Pizza Casserole

The “Toppings” and Ingredients

Vary the ingredients to what you like. But you will want a base of ground meat, sauce, cheese, and pasta.

I love sausage, but the spices may dominate the flavor. So, I suggest burger and the spices of the pepperoni and sauce will kick it up some.

Be careful about adding red pepper or other spicing. The cooking gets the pepperoni spicing distributed, and some of it is already spicy.

The Sauce

Most of the recipes called for jar pizza sauce (yuck). This “make it yourself” with the crushed tomatoes and a few spices is so much better. I have used this for 40 plus years.

The Pasta

Use a shorter standard pasta. We depend on the fluid in the dish to cook the pasta. So the behavior of a non-standard pasta is unpredictable.

Many recipes call for precooking the pasta. You will end up with mush with a crock pot recipe. Please don’t do that.

Four to five hours will be just right on low for the pasta to cook. Five hours will give you some nice cheese browning also. But remember, crock pots vary so watch what you are doing.

Crock Pot Notes

This recipe fits nicely in a 3-4 quart crock pot. Doubled will do will in a 6-7 qt.

Cook on low. Do not cook on high the effect on the pasta cooking is unpredictable.

And lastly, know your crock pot. They can vary a lot.

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Crock Pot Pizza Casserole

Normal pizza stuff but with dry pasta to replace the crust.

Crock Pot Pizza Casserole

Start by chopping a small onion and half a green pepper.

Crock Pot Pizza CasseroleBrown 1 pound of lower fat ground beef over medium-high heat. Add one small chopped medium onion after a couple of minutes. Cook for about 8 minutes until no pink left. Add two cloves of crushed garlic the last minute of browning — about 8 minutes total.

Crock Pot Pizza CasseroleAdd 1 – 28 oz can crushed tomatoes, 1 cup water, 4 oz of sliced pepperoni minus 12 slices for topping, oregano, salt, pepper, 1/2 chopped green pepper, 1 cup mozzarella cheese to a smaller 3 to 4 quart crock pot.  Mix well. Add 2 cups uncooked pasta. Mix well. Helpful hint: separate the pepperoni as it goes in.

Crock Pot Pizza CasseroleAdd the cooked ground beef after draining fat.

Crock Pot Pizza CasseroleTop with 1 cup mozzarella and the 12 slices of pepperoni.

Crock Pot Pizza CasseroleCook on low for approximately 5 hours until edges browning nicely.

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Originally Published December 26, 2013

Crock Pot Pizza Casserole

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