Coconut Curry

When we visited Thailand, one of my major trip goals was determine, once and for all, which of the three major varieties of Coconut Curry was my favorite: red, green, or yellow. Each is made from the paste of a different chili, giving the curry its signature color and unique flavor. After extensive sampling (all in the name of research, of course), I determined that it is the red coconut curry that rules my heart.

Coconut Curry

Happily for coconut curry lovers on this side of the Pacific, red coconut curry is also the easiest of the three to make at home, because its most important ingredient, Thai red curry paste, is widely available at most grocery stores, and even Target.

This recipe is also fast. Start to finish, you can have this curry on your table 30 minutes from now, even less if you are super speedy, and if you discount the rice, it’s also a one-pot meal.

Translation: Fewer dishes. Less time. More coconut curry eating!

Coconut Curry

About Coconut Curry — A Healthy, Flavorful, All-in-One Meal

If you aren’t familiar with Thai coconut curry, I can best describe it as a big, warm bowl of creamy, but clean-feeling, comfort. It’s richly spiced in an exotic, fragrant way, but it’s not forcibly spicy in a light-your-mouth-on-fire, pass-me-a-firehose way, unless of course you’d like it to be. (Fire lovers: I’ve included a recipe option to crank up the heat for you too.)

In Thailand, most of the coconut curries we tried were made with chicken, but to keep this recipe extra super duper speedy, I turned it into a Thai vegetable curry by using chickpeas instead. The chickpeas’ mild flavor meshes well with the bolder spices in the easy curry sauce, and their pleasantly chewy texture is a nice contrast to the sauce’s creaminess.

Coconut Curry

For those with dietary restrictions, this a vegan curry recipe, and whether you decide to add meat or stick with the chickpeas, this curry is also gluten free.

Vegetable-wise, I used bell peppers, onions, carrots, and peas, all of which I found in my coconut curry bowls in Thailand at one point or another.

Eggplant was also a common addition, and I imagine this Thai coconut curry recipe would be equally delicious with any other vegetables you happen to love or have lurking in your crisper drawer right now.

Coconut Curry

I’ve been missing Thailand more often lately, which I’m guessing is a product of both the return of winter temps over the weekend and the fact that, the more distance I have from my time there, the more and more I realize just how special it truly was.

It’s comforting to know that while I might not be able to sneak back to Chiang Mai to bathe an elephant anytime soon, I can relive our adventures via this easy but impactful Thai coconut curry.

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Recommended Tools to Make Coconut Curry

  • Dutch oven (This one is outstanding. This is another excellent, more economical option.)
  • I cook brown rice in my instant pot, and it’s perfect every time (You can, of course, cook rice in a regular saucepan too!)

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