Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy

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Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy Recipe

This old-fashioned homemade Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy Recipe brings back childhood memories.

The chocolate covered jellies candy is one of my favorite holiday candies I enjoyed as a child.

Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy

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Gooseberry Patch Hometown Christmas Cookbook

I am so excited to have found the  (affiliate link) Gooseberry Patch Hometown Christmas cookbook.

I have been a Gooseberry Patch fan for years.

My mother in-law Bonnie also loves all things Gooseberry Patch and we often gift each other Gooseberry Patch calendars, desk calendars, and cookbooks at Christmas.

Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy

Gooseberry Patch Hometown Christmas Cookbook

As soon as I had a chance I started paging through my copy of the Gooseberry Patch Hometown Christmas (affiliate link) recipes.

I couldn’t wait to try a few but as soon as I came across the Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy recipe in the Tree Trimming Treats chapter I knew I had to make this old-fashioned jellies candy recipe first.

I’ll tell you why in a moment.

What I love about the Hometown Christmas cookbook

Everything! what is not to love.

If you’ve been a reader for long you know I love old vintage recipes or family recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

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Vintage Family Recipes

I have a nice collection of my husband’s grandmothers and great-grandmothers cookbooks.

What I love about those old family cookbooks is the history that comes with the recipes.

In the Gooseberry Patch Hometown Christmas cookbook, I get the same feeling of nostalgia as I read through the recipes.

Hometown Christmas is packed full of reader-submitted Christmas recipes. Each recipe has a little story about the recipe.

I love reading about the history of a recipe. Old vintage family recipes excite me and I love making them.

Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy

Old Fashioned Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy Recipe

As soon as I saw this Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy recipe and read the story from Teanda Smith from Saint Albans, ME about how her Dad loved the Raspberry Jellies candy that used to come in chocolate gift boxes.

Her story reminded me of how I had also loved these candies as a child and how my grandmother would always let me eat the raspberry jellies out of the gift boxes she received during the holidays.

I made a couple of slight changes to the recipe.

I made my Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy in Wilton candy molds (affiliate link).

I also used LORANN raspberry candy flavoring instead of Raspberry extract.

And I used Wilton Candy Melts instead of the chocolate chips.

Dipping anything in melted chocolate can be tricky sometimes. So check out my tips.

I have used chocolate chips in the past but Wilton Candy melts are so much easier to use.

They don’t seize as quickly as chocolate chips.

You can use whatever works for you. Some people have no problem using chocolate chips.

Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy

Homemade Holidays Raspberry Jellies

Print the Chocolate Raspberry Jellies Candy recipe below


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