Authentic Sweet Potato Burritos

Authentic Sweet Potato BurritosThere are several reasons this sweet potato burritos recipe came about, each of them important in its own way.

One, it tastes so damn good it would be against our professional ethics not to share it with the world. And we’re professional if nothing else.

Two, the sun came out a couple of days ago (it’s gone again now) and put us in holiday mode.

I love my trips to Spain and Hauke lived there once upon a time, so we’re currently hankering after some proper sunny food – Spanish and Mexican spring to mind.

Three, we wanted an easy, family friendly recipe. You know, the sort that’s easy to follow, easy to make loads of, and the type of thing the whole family will enjoy.

Sweet Potato Burritos – Right place, right time

Authentic Sweet Potato Burritos

(excellent for an easy family dinner)

Very luckily for us, we have a new chef (as part of our ever-growing kitchen squad) – based in Spain no less – the lovely Lorena.

Hailing from Barcelona, Lorena has been a professional chef for 14 years, and is currently the head chef at Coconut Club, Barcelona. Her experience is obvious in this fantastic recipe.

When we approached Lorena she told us about her passion for Mexican food – and told us she could improve our blog with it.

How right she was. She hit us with these sweet potato burritos and winning partnership was born. They’re next level stuff.

This amazing burrito recipe is a fantastic fusion of cumin and lime, paprika and garlic and it really hits the spot.

If you’re a spice lover then you can add a little chili powder for that extra kick – and there’s some optional coriander too (I said optional, coriander haters!).

Authentic Sweet Potato Burritos

(my meal prep “assembling line”)

These sweet potato burritos have quickly become a family favourite – they’re very easy to make more for larger groups, little extra effort is required.

You can also make large batches and freeze the leftovers. Just whip out a fresh tortilla wrap and you’re ready to go again. Nice!Authentic Sweet Potato Burritos

Sweet Potato Burritos – Health Benefits

Sometimes we have to think quite deeply about making our recipes as nutritious as possible, perhaps slipping in a few leaves of spinach here, or a cube of ginger there.

No such thing is needed with this one – it’s based primarily on sweet potatoes, black beans and avocado so it pretty much writes itself.

Sweet potatoes are an exceptionally good way of hitting your body’s nutrient and vitamin count. More and more studies are coming through all the time, and it’s clear that sweet potatoes are a winner.

One of the best natural ways of making sure your body gets all the vitamin A it needs, its high levels of beta-carotene are off the charts (well not literally, but they’re at the very top anyway).

Africa, India and the Caribbean are using sweet potatoes to make sure their kids get enough of the right stuff, and we can learn from their examples.

Black beans are well-loved on this site, and for good reason. High in both fiber and protein, they’re an excellent source of both.

Whether you want to build muscle, help weight loss or just improve your digestive system, these are a great way to help.

Be careful not to eat toooo many at one time though, they can build up a little gas 😉

And finally, the lovely avocado that needs no introduction. These self-regulating little vitamin bombs are really high in vitamins K, B6 and C – and the best news – they come with their own ‘good’ fats.

These fats are needed for the body to absorb the vitamins better – a perfect combination.

So – Mexican dish, Spanish flair and a whole load yummy nutritious goodness. These sweet potato burritos are just what we’ve been waiting for. Thanks Lorena!Authentic Sweet Potato Burritos

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