5 Ingredient Blackberry Jam Bars

5 ingredients.  Pie like. Taste great. Need I say more?  These Blackberry Jam Bars are a winner.  With only five ingredients (and one that can change to whatever you like), you most likely have them on hand like I did!
5 Ingredient Blackberry Jam Bars

I made these for an after school snack and my youngest was so excited to eat them.  He had no idea that they were that easy to make.  Although– I should’ve known he’d love them because my family seems to like the recipes that don’t take very much time to make over the 1910830139 step ones.  When will I learn!?

Original recipe from Brit + Co.

5 Ingredient Blackberry Jam BarsThe beautiful thing is that you can use whatever kind of jam or preserves you want.  So if you’re feeling like you want strawberry- done.  I love apricot so I’ll make this recipe and add apricot sometime too.

5 Ingredient Blackberry Jam Bars

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5 Ingredient Blackberry Jam Bars
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And a side note that means a lot to me—- April is Autism Awareness Month and today is World Autism Awareness Day.   We will be wearing blue and watching reports of different building “lighting up blue” in honor of this disorder that has affected so many, including my family.   You can read more about our journey with the A word.

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